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Recumbent Exercise Bike

Rider sits into the bike frame

Designed like a recumbent bike, the seat is located almost in-line with the pedals.


The rider has a very low center of gravity making the bike and rider very stable.


Sitting reclined, leaning back with the arms hanging naturally to your sides eliminates sore hands, wrists and arms because there is no weight or stress stress put on them by leaning while riding.


"Glutes" - the gluteal muscles of your butt get a better workout in a reclined position naturally working the gluteus maximus.

- Seat Position

Rider is in a natural, reclined position without need to bend head or back.


Naturally comfortable seat - described by many as similar to sitting in a piece of comfortable furniture. Less aches and pains in the butt, resulting in a more comfortable workout.


Cycling in a more natural position of body alignmentreduces fatigue and increases both the ability and the desire of the rider to continue the workout.


People who have lower back issues find recumbent bikes to be far more comfortable and enjoyable.


People who have neck pain issues are far more comfortablewithout having to bend  their neck or hang their head throughout the workout.


- The "Q Factor"

While some of the recumbent exercise bikes may have a wider Q Factor to allow for the braking mechanism, pulleys, drive components and cosmetic covers. Through research performed with a leading sports scientist and physical rehabilitation expert the engineers at XTerra have developed a breakthrough in pedal design. The result is the XTerra Fitness SB540r has the smallest Q Factor on the market today. A narrower Q-Factor is ergonomically superior because it more closely matches the nearly inline pattern of human footsteps.

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12 Item(s)

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