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Buyer Guide For Exercise Bike

Types of Exercise Bikes

There are three well-known types of exercise bikes, including upright, recumbent, and spinner. Each bike is designed to give the consumer options to choose from, depending on their workout goals. Safety is an important thing to consider when purchasing an exercise bike, especially for people suffering from injuries and even general aches and pains.

Upright Exercise Bike

Commonly equipped with a wide, cushioned seat, some sport a firm, narrow seat similar to what's found on a road or mountain bike. Some seats can be replaced with your favorite, but sometimes the seat is bolted to the seatpost making this difficult. Seat-height adjustment is standard, and some offer fore/aft seat adjustment so that you can find the best position over the pedals.


Most handlebars sport multiple gripping positions, a few offer supportive arm rests. Some bars are fixed in place, some feature a rotating handlebar adjustment, and others feature vertical and/or fore/aft adjustability. Many feature distinct adjustment positions, some boast micro-adjustability. All these adjustments help provide a comfortable reach and an optimized riding position.


Recumbent Exercise Bike

A wide, cushioned seat and a seat back are standard. Many seat backs feature similar cushioning to the seat, and some offer a mesh back for especially comfortable support and superior breathability. Fore/aft seat adjustments are standard. Some offer distinct adjustment positions, and others boast micro-adjustability. Many now offer a seat-back angle adjustment others let you adjust the angle of the entire seat. All these adjustments help provide a comfortable and optimized riding position.


Usually equipped with front handlebars for user-friendly support while stepping on and off the bike. Most incorporate fixed, side handlebars attached to the seat frame for balance and stability during the ride (especially during more intense workouts). Many riders enjoy reading while comfortably holding a book or magazine (and not the handlebars).


Spin Bikes For Exercise 

Most are equipped with a narrow, outdoor-style seat with varied cushioning, and the seat can usually be replaced with your favorite (along with the pedals). Seat height and fore/aft seat adjustability are standard. Some offer distinct adjustment positions, many boast micro-adjustability. All adjustments let you personalize your seat and its position, letting you ride comfortably while matching your outdoor riding position.


Most handlebars sport multiple gripping positions. Some include supportive arm rests or aero bars. Handlebar height is usually adjustable, many offer a fore/aft adjustment, some offer distinct adjustment positions, and some boast micro-adjustability. All handlebar adjustments let you personalize the reach, match your outdoor riding form and optimize your ergonomics.


Dual-Action Exercise Bike

Most dual-action bikes are uprights, while a few are recumbents. Uprights generally provide a wide, cushioned seat with seat-height adjustment. Some seats can be replaced with your favorite, but often the seat is bolted to the seatpost and not easily changed. Recumbent dual-action bikes usually feature a wide, cushioned seat and a seat back that sports similar cushioning or a comfortable, supportive, breathable mesh. Most recumbents feature fore/aft seat adjustability with distinct adjustment positions or micro-adjustability. Some models include angle adjustability of the seat back or the entire seat. All adjustments are designed to provide a comfortable, optimized riding position.


Moving handlebars offer one or more set of gripping positions. Some moving bars can be locked in place to limit workouts to a lower-body motion. Some are equipped with stationary handles for stability

Overall points to see 

Make Sure You Get a Model with a Nice Heavy Flywheel  

Heavy the flywheel more sturdy and stable it make the bike in any category more heavy more costlier the bike gets

Make Sure Handlebars Have a Fore and Aft Setting

Choose a Belt-Drive Model instead of a Chain Drive.

Make Sure You Can Adjust the Seat (or Change it out Completely)